MS ROBOCOPY with Email Notification and Smart Reporting

  • Email notification on 'Success', 'Warnings' or 'Errors'.
  • Log file filtering, showing only relevant information, like warnings, errors and other exceptions.
  • Smart logfile attachments, e.g. on warnings or errors only.
  • NEW!  Now with logging to the Windows Eventlog
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No complicated scripting, just add a few switches.....!

See examples here.


This simple to use, yet powerful command-line utility extends Microsoft ROBOCOPY to include parameters for email notification, depending on the copy job's 'Success', 'Warning' or 'Error' status.

Attached logfiles can be 'condensed' to show exceptions only.

Log entries in the Windows Event Log (Application Log) are generated, indicating 'Success', 'Warning' or 'Error' of the ROBOCOPY job.


  • Use your existing batch files or script calling 'ROBOCOPY'

  • Simply change each call for 'ROBOCOPY' to 'RoboCopyPlus'

  • Add a couple of switches to direct reporting to your mailbox

To learn more about RoboCopyPlus, click here..

or to see examples of how RoboCopyPlus can be used click here..


Last but not least, see this video about the most important features of RoboCopyPlus: